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Dangers Effects of Masturbation

Are there dangerous side effects of masturbation? Generally, many studies that have been conducted so far have not found anything wrong with both male and female masturbation. As such, masturbation is considered a healthy and normal sexual activity. It’s for this reason that some men are booking vegas escorts to help them masturbate. However, there are bizarre claims that surround masturbation.

Basically, masturbation is stimulation of a person’s genitals for purposes of sexual pleasure. It is generally not a must for masturbation to lead to an orgasm. Men and women across ages masturbate. What’s more, masturbation has a role in sexual development. That’s why a significant percentage of adolescents masturbate more often. Nevertheless, some people have argued that masturbation has dangerous effects. Here are some of them.


Whether you masturbate alone or with a partner, you are likely to feel guilty about it because it conflicts your spiritual, religious, or cultural beliefs. Nevertheless, masturbation is not wrong or immoral. It’s a form of self-pleasure that you should not feel ashamed about.

If you feel guilty after masturbating, discuss those feelings with a therapist, a healthcare professional, or a friend. This will help you deal with the feelings of shame or guilt in relation to masturbation.

Decrease in Sexual Sensitivity

Some men use aggressive methods to masturbate such as having a tight grip on the penis. This can decrease penis sensation. To resolve this problem, change your masturbation method. You can also enhance stimulation with a vibrator. This can increase your sexual function and arousal.

Women with vast sexual experience use vibrators to improve lubrication and sexual function. Men on the other hand use vibrators to enhance erectile function.

Disruption of the Daily Life

Masturbation can be addictive. In some cases, individuals masturbate more than desired. This leads to issues like:

  • Missed school, work, and social events.
  • Interruption of daily functioning.
  • Negative effect on relationships and responsibilities.
  • Masturbation becomes a substitute for a real-life experience or an escape from a relationship issue.

If masturbation is affecting your daily routine severely, talk to a healthcare professional. A counselor or doctor can suggest a therapy that will help you manage the behavior.

Many people masturbate alone and others do it with friends. A man can even book an las vegas escorts to help him masturbate. Though these are some of the possibly dangerous effects of masturbation, no scientific evidence has proven that masturbation actually has side effects when done properly.

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